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Don't Worry About It - Days 77, 78, & 79

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This past weekend was a fantastic experience. I worked with a great director and a solid crew on the short "Don't Worry About It". It's my latest collaboration wth director Chris Frint and producer Will Green. When Chris approached me with the script, I was excited to do the project. It had challenges for me, as many things in the story I have not shot before.

"Don't Worry About It" follows the story of Miles, who comes to the realization he has passed away when he has a conversation with his doppelganger.

This project was a challenge in many ways, and required a lot of prep work. Since the story needed the actor to have a clone, VFX work was involved. We used the classic split screen approach, as well as some greenscreen moments. We tested the idea of head replacement (via Social Network), but once shooting began, it was not needed. I was very lucky to have our VFX artist/supervisor Stephan Cunnane on set to help advise and solve any issues we ran into.

Also, the story required the use of a white cyc, to represent the "limbo" state, so finding one that was within budget was a challenge. Luckly we were able to shoot at Last Stop Props in Burbank, CA. It was a great location, however it needed to be lit. Gaffer Spencer Smith and myself did a scout to plan our lighting and power approach. Through the use of a light meter and tests, we decided we needed the walls to be at least 3 stops over key. It was a big relief when the planning paid off!

With the lighting rigged overhead, we moved fast. Both shoot days on the stage we wrapped early. That made the cast and crew very happy.

As for camera, we shot on the Blackmagic 4k. We decided to shoot on the newly released 4k RAW. On our first day, by the time we hit roll 3, we were dropping frames. We decided to make the switch to 4k Pro Res HQ to avoid those problems. Aside from that, the camera preformed beautifully and Chris was really happy with the results. I don't think I'll be shooting 4k RAW for a while or at least until they sort that issue out.

I have posted some BTS pictures I have taken with my iphone. Enjoy!

Camera: Blackmagic Production Camera 4k

Lenses: Canon 24-105 L series F4, Rokinon 16mm T2.2

Support: Oconnor 50D, Wooden Nickel Slider

Lighting: 4 4x4 Kinos, 2 4x2 Kinos, 2x Arri 1ks, 1x Arri 650, 1x Arri 300 - All 3200k.

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