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Hello All!

This weekend I completed the short film "Follower". It's a modern LA noir thriller, centered around social media. The filmmakers I worked with (Alex J. Mann & K. Adam Bloom) write and direct experimental films influenced by modern technology.

This film is about a guy who notices a woman in trouble over the social media platform Instagram.

Director Alex J. Mann had the idea to have this film be in black & white, being influenced by thrillers "The Following" by Christopher Nolan and "Pi" by Darren Aronofsky. I personally love the look of black & white, although I feel it does need to suit the story to be relevant (in this case it did).

We had a small crew on this production, and I utilized natural light for most of the film. Since this was a low budget film, we were strapped for time. I tried to use our shot choices and film locations to really make the story "pop". Also, having a Dana Dolly really helped!

We shot the 7 page script over the course of two days. I used my Blackmagic 4k camera, however this project was shot in 1080p. We did shoot a few 4k shots with the intention of reframing/blowing up in post. I've posted a few stills from the film, which I graded in FCP7.

I look forward to seeing this film completed. I worked with some really talented people this past weekend. Please check out their work at

Until next shoot,


Camera: Blackmagic 4k

Codec: ProRes 422HQ, 1080p 23.98

Lenses: Rokinon 16mm, 35mm, 85mm

Filters: ND .6

Support: Oconnor 50D, Dana Dolly

Lighting: 1x 2ft 4 bank kino, natural light

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