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Day 6 and counting!

Hey all!

2014 has been a great year thus far! I'm on day 6 and counting! So far this year, I've worked an event at House of Blues Hollywood, shot two Budweiser commercials, a birthday party, and now I'm working on a reality show!

I ended 2013 strong with 151 days! I'm looking forward to beating it this year!

I'm currently in Las Vegas working as a camera operator on a boxing reality series. I can't disclose too much about the show, but I can and will talk about the cameras :) We're shooting on two Canon C100's with 24-105mm Canon L series lenses. We're also using the Ninja 2 external recorder on each camera. I must say, so far I'm loving the results. I am greatly impressed with the sensor in this camera (which is the same as the C300 I've been told). Today we shot an Int./Ext. scene and it held. Now, it still was blown out, but you can tell what was outside. I was quite impressed. Everything else about this camera is great. The functions are easy to use, the battery life is quite good, and the weight is perfect for long hand held days (such as reality settings). The clean HDMI out allows us to use the Ninja 2 to allow great results. I'm not a fan on the Ninja as a monitor, the LCD is too reflective. However, it does get the job done for framing.

It's only day 3 of the production and I'm sold on this camera. I expect my opinion to stay the same by wrap!

Until next time!


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