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47 Days right now in 2015!


My apologies for not keeping up with this blog! I doubt anyone reads these!

Anyway, I'm at 47 days on set so far in 2015. Work has been awesome!

I'm here to post a few stills from my latest project. It's called "Dark Specter", and it's a pilot for a webseries based around super heroes.

For this project, I used my Blackmagic 4k camera. I shot 4k RAW, then transcoded to ProRes4444 in Davinci. I then applied a rec709 LUT, no other tweaks or changes. A majority of the project was lensed with a Rokinon 35mm DS.

I am really happy how this project turned out. I am super excited to see the finished product! Stay tuned for upates!

Camera: Blackmagic 4k

Codec: 4K RAW

ISO: 400

Lenses: Rokinon 16mm, 35mm

Lighting: 3x 2x4 Kinos, 3x PAR cans, 2x Mole LED 2ks, 2x ARRI 1ks, ARRI 650 & 300.

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