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Bypassing time with Actor Reels

On my off days I usually end up booking Actor Reel shoots. It's pretty common in Los Angeles and it's actually really fun. The days are short and sweet, and I get to work with new directors. Since these reels are supposed to look like "actual films", I get to experiment with different looks and styles.


All of these were shot on the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro EF mount. I used either the Canon 17-55 2.8 or the Tokina/Angeniuex 28-70 2.6. I use these as testing grounds for new gear, and different lighting scenarios. I like to test this camera to see what I can get away with. I really love how this camera reproduces colors.

Technical Specs:

Camera: Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro EF Mount

Lenses: Canon 17-55 2.8, Tokina 28-70 2.6

Lighting: 1x1 Astra Bi Color, Arri 1k w/ Chimera

FPS: 23.98

Codec: UHD 4k RAW 4:1, 1080p ProRes 422 HQ

If you have any questions, please comment below. If you like what you see and are interested in working together, please drop me a line! Thanks for looking!


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