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AJA Cion: The Camera Nobody Talks About Part 2


Yesterday, myself and 1st AC Jason unboxed the two Cions and begun prepping them. At first glance, I was extremely impressed with the design and weight of the camera. Even the guys at the rental house were impressed.

We did the prep at a great place called The Camera House, located in North Hollywood. They were extremely helpful, and I already plan on using them again for future rentals. My order consists of AB batteries, a 4x5 ARRI matte box, some filters, a TV logic monitor, and a set of Zeiss Ultra Primes, PL mount.

My usual 1st AC, Matt Borek (Local 600, hire him! He's awesome!) stopped by to check out the camera and help with the prep.

After getting it built, I must say I really like it. The body style is great. This camera has 8 (yes 8) outputs! 2 HDMI ports and 6 SDI ports. That's insane! Also, rigging the camera was really easy too!

As much as I enjoy the camera, there are a few things I'm not a fan of off the bat. First, the lesser of the two, is the simple EVF holder. To me, it seems weak and doesn't seem to lock in place. The second thing is I do not like the menu design. I felt like I was dealing with the RED ONE menu again. It's not a deal breaker, but I'd like to see it changed in future bodies.

I'm excited to take this camera out and put it into a real production scenario! Tomorrow is the day! Expect plenty of pictures and hopefully some screen shots too!

Until then,


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