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48 hour project in Seattle

Hello All,

Back in March, I met with my buddy William Green who was in town for some late night wings and beer. He had recently moved to Washington, just south of Seattle. I was asking when he would get back into the director's chair, since its been years since his last project. He was unsure, but wanted to do something this year.

Days later he called me and asked if he flew me to Seattle, would I shoot his 48hr film? Without hesitation, I agreed. I was looking to shoot something out of state for some time, and also wanting to do a narrative.

The dates were July 6,7, & 8th, and we had drawn "Suspense/Thriller" as our genre. Will had secured a fair amount of resources for the film, however he still had little to no budget. Since I was traveling, I had to keep my camera package light.

I flew with my Ursa Mini Pro, EVF, tripod, 17-55 2.8 and 24-105 4.0 Canon lenses, two AB Cine batteries, media, and my laptop for media managing and coloring. This is all we had equipment wise for the shoot.

The film, Riddance, was shot all natural light in 4k 16:9 4:1 RAW, and mostly on the 17-55 lens. There were two driving shots in the film where I used the 24-105, at 105mm. The film was edited, sound mixed, and colored entirely in DaVinci Resolve 14.

Washington had some incredible scenery, and I look forward to shooting another project there!

Happy Shooting,


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