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Blackmagic Video Assist

I recently picked up the Blackmagic Video Assist at the start of January. Upon opening, I felt how solid this monitor is made. I really like the mounting points on the top and bottom, the ports are well placed, and the screen is amazing!

I have taken this out on a few shoots already and I have noticed how handy this can be. Whether I'm framing, operating, or pulling, this monitor meets all my needs. I have even used it as a client monitor during interviews. The director was blown away by how crisp the image is!

Recently they (Blackmagic) updated the firmware, now version 1.2. They fixed most of the bugs and added in the avid DNxHD codec. I cannot believe how powerful this is!

My one gripe with it is that it auto rotates/image flips without the ability to turn it off. I've taken this out on Vice jobs and we typically rig the cameras (Nikon D750s) upside down to fit in tight spots inside a car. The auto rotate is a pain to deal with.

Other than that, I am really happy with my purchase! Any other firmware update will just be icing on the cake!

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